About Us

Who we are

An Ultimate Textile Brand in Market since 2016

LUTEX is a textile industry company founded in 2016 with technical knitting.
In the buildings of a former silk mill, the textile tradition has been taken up again with the most modern technology from Germany and Italy.

An integrated factory for technical textiles was created, which offers a wide range of fabrics and services, from fabric production to fabric finishing and ready-made articles. Unique in this form, LUTEX represents one of the most modern textile locations in Europe.

Our fabrics are used in public buildings, hotels and vehicles as well as in consumer products. Our business model is based on mutual respect and caring, orientation on the challenges of our customers and the will to conserve resources as part of a long- term corporate policy.


Threads of Time: Weaving a Rich Tapestry of Textile Excellence

Increased capacity in knitting
Investment in finishing and quality control
-Investment in capacity increase in knitting -Investment in sewing department for technical products and light textiles
-Increased capacity in knitting -Investment in second sewing department for mattress covers -Purchase of factory building
-Investment in third sewing department for mattress covers -Investment in automated packing and warehouse reconstruction
-Investment in quilting lines -Increased capacity in knitting
-Investment in watte line -Solar panel installation

Unmatched Textile Services, Woven to Perfection

We take great pride in offering a diverse range of top-tier textile services that transcend the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship..


We Provide
More Than Just Fabric

Our particular focus is on sustainability and the careful selection of raw materials.
Skin compatibility and function are just as important to us as the ecological balance of our products.

An internal quality management system and the will to use resources and protect the environment as part of the company policy form the basis of the company philosophy, which is geared towards customers satisfaction and long-term partnership.